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Why Does Messaging Matter?

When we recommend that a client’s project start with messaging, we are often asked: why? And we get it. It takes time. It takes consensus. And it slows down the fun stuff: the creative process. But history has proven to us time and time again that a solid messaging foundation only makes the creative process more efficient and on target. That, and about a million more reasons. Let’s break down our top 5.

  1. We Need to be on the Same (Passionate) Page
    Every brand or product has a story. Sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes it needs to be uncovered through a messaging process. Regardless of how we get there, both you as our dear client and we as your trusty agency partner need to be passionate about your market position. Messaging helps us get there together — and leads us to how we can get your audience to be passionate about it, too.
  2. Can’t Quickly Articulate Your Message? Don’t Expect Others To.
    When you’re asked to describe your product, brand or service — does it easily roll off the tongue? Can you quickly and emphatically rattle off why your various audiences should (and do) care deeply about what you offer? If there is any uncertainty in your answer to either of these questions… Houston, we have a problem. If you can’t articulate your message, you simply cannot expect others to.
  3. It Establishes a Company-Wide Consistency
    We’ve experienced this too many times to count: talk to the sales department, the C-Suite and then the marketing team — and you get 3 different elevator pitches. Going through the messaging exercise pushes all constituents into a consensus. And consensus leads to a beautiful result… Consistency! This is reinforces #2, we can’t articulate your message to the outside if we can’t consistently do it on the inside.
  4. It’s a Big Fat Time Saver
    Back to where we started with all of this — yes, messaging takes time up front but it also saves time in the long run. Trust us. If we comprehensively work through messaging and end up with a solid foundational document, hours will be saved when developing any other marketing materials. And it not only gives us actual content to work with, it helps paint the creative picture of what a product or brand will look like.
  5. It’s Meant to Evolve
    While it’s important to be firm in your messaging for clarity and consistency’s sake, it can also evolve. At Harbor Creative Group, we firmly believe that brands should never sit still. So while core messaging should have a decent shelf life, it also needs to work to keep your brand fresh. Even the most recognizable brands evolve over time, sometimes it’s just so subtle we don’t take note. The most important thing is to always pay attention and give them care. Like any other living and breathing thing — brands need constant love to grow.
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