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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Marketing planning season! Time to take stock of another strange several months and look ahead to opportunities in 2022 that will set your brand up to win. These are the areas we’ve been navigating with our clients, and advise any business to also consider.




Rethink Your KPI's

Awareness and sales aside, what are the most meaningful metrics for your company? How does it change for B2B and B2C channels? Are there things you’ve done differently in the past year and a half that are making an impact on your bottom line, your employees, or your community? Who are your best brand ambassadors and why? What would be great small wins for your brand in 2022 and what would be an epic trophy? Gut checking all measures of success will naturally set a vision-focused mood for the new year. And that’s the best place to start.

Set A Direction, Not A Plan

When you create a plan, you’re creating a mindset that doesn’t lend itself to the critical ability to pivot. As much as we’ve grown to dislike that word, it’s just another form of the type of flexibility we’ve always tried to build into our client’s campaigns. Why? Because you Just Never Know. So rather than create a marketing plan for 2022, set a direction and allow your team to have a clear path with room to be agile enough to confidently make a turn if needed.

Do A Tone Check

As proponents of establishing message platforms as a marketing foundation, we feel validated by how the changes in our world have made brand narrative more critical than ever. It’s an important time to take a hard look at your core messaging and make sure the tone and positioning resonate with your key stakeholders and fit the current cultural climate. It’s also 100% o.k to add new messages as your company, brand and product line evolves.

Call It Team Building, But Make It Fun

Office parties aren’t really back, however in-person interaction with safety guidelines in place is becoming a thing again. If it’s possible to get your team together, now is the time to plan some activities that get everyone working together in a fun and low pressure environment. Or create individual experiences that allow people to set goals and brainstorm in ways that help facilitate group ideation. The point is to engage and reset your team so the creative juices flow.

Prioritize and Organize Content Development

Now that the goals are set, a direction is formed, messaging has been checked, and the team is in a groove -- it’s time to talk about content. A lot of brands talk a big game about content development during marketing planning and fall short. Why? Because it sounds fun but it’s actually work, and it requires consistent time and effort. But it can be streamlined, and definitely fun when it’s organized and resources are allocated. Tackle it now and rest easier knowing Q1 is looking pretty. Here’s looking at you, 2022. May the best brands win!
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