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January 2nd. The majority of us would be lying if we said that date didn’t creep into our minds once or twice during the Holiday break.  The good news is that it is natural to be thinking ahead. That part is ingrained in our marketing DNA and can be healthy if managed correctly. It becomes a problem if you’re not thinking ahead and also considering ways to prevent work and creative overload.

It’s early in the year so we’d thought it was an appropriate time to take a step back and consider the following tips to stay fresh and creative in 2022.



Create a healthy workspace environment:

Duh. Now we know why people say you’re a product of your environment. Those subtle workspace enhancements will do wonders for your attitude. This one can be applied to both remote and office environments. Display a couple of those gifts from Santa this year. Heck, throw a succulent plant on the desk and convince your coworkers you were a botanist in a previous life. You get the point.

Make that yearly calendar your friend and remain flexible:

Join the revolution and actually use that yearly calendar. It seems tedious, but will help you later in the year when you feel overwhelmed. Go the extra mile and plan around the busier and slower times of the year. It wasn’t a subtle hint when your client mentioned that big event in March of 2022. Add those conferences and milestone events into the calendar now. Yes, you can even throw that planned Tahiti vacation in there as a humble brag. Just make sure it’s in that slower time of year. This is also a good time for us to reiterate the importance of remaining flexible. It's o.k to tentatively plan for the future with the understanding that things can change at a moments notice.

Plan a few team building events now:

Yes, this one may seem a bit far fetched with the state of the world, but it can be done! Loosely schedule quarterly team meetings with the mindset that things might change. You might be skeptical like we were, but zoom happy hours are actually a lot of fun and are a great opportunity to reconnect with your team in a loose atmosphere. If you’re not remote, plan a team lunch outside when the weather is nice. Current protocols may seem overwhelming so consider catering through a food truck or ordering take out, which will make it easier to serve safely. Yes, it's all common sense, but sometimes we need a reminder to think outside the box.

Yes, you can still brainstorm in the office, solo or over zoom:

It might not feel the same from a creative perspective, but brainstorming over a video chat is still effective. Temper your expectations. We’ve found it helpful to assign one team member to take notes for each creative brainstorming session. We’re also planning on adding regularly unscheduled creative time into our calendars which is where some of our best brainstorming happens. For those of you still in the office, make sure you brainstorm in smaller teams and do your best to make everyone feel comfortable.

We all feel the pressures of a New Year, but it’s important that we are mindful about staying fresh and creative, which will ultimately lead to greater production. We hope that you found these tips helpful and elaborate on them in your own unique way. Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous 2022.

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