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Now available from our friends at 2 Towns Ciderhouse is a new seasonal flavor of their top selling Cosmic Crisp® Imperials Cider: Apricot. We were beyond stoked to partner with the 2 Towns marketing team to work on the design of the can and sleeve.


This was an exciting project for a few reasons: 1) it’s thrilling to see the Cosmic Crisp® branded line of ciders expand, 2) we just love working with the 2 Towns team and 3) we are longtime big believers in seasonal products.

Why does it make perfect marketing sense for brands to release seasonal items? We thought you’d never ask.

📣 Consumers Respond to Urgency

If we have learned anything from Stanley Cup, Crocs, Target Clothing and so many others, consumers respond to urgency. When shoppers know a product is only available for a limited time, they are highly motivated to act (and buy).

🛍️ Proven to Boost Sales

We’ve developed seasonal packaging designs for fresh products, and we’ve seen the sales results. One of our favorite examples was when a branded bag of baby carrots with a seasonal spring design led sales to jump more than 20%. We’re guilty of buying a product just because of a cute design or a new seasonal twist – and we bet you are too.

🎯 Short Term Expansions, Long Term Strategy

While a seasonal product or flavor gives a brand a short term line extension, it tends to also be indicative of a long term strategy. This bodes particularly well for categories like food and beverage where innovation is expected. Our takeaway is that when a brand is willing to invest in seasonal items, it’s a great sign of its overall strategic vision.

🤔 Testing One, Two, Three

If a brand is giving serious consideration to an additional product in a lineup, seasonal availability is a great test case. Think of it like the ideal consumer focus group. If the reaction is overwhelmingly positive, it can make the investment in a permanent SKU a much easier decision.

⚡ Gives Same Product New Life

When a product becomes a bit of the “same ol same ol” – a new seasonal offering can bring a fresh twist. One of our favorite case studies here are the boxes that Kleenex released to look like fruit in the summertime. Who wouldn’t want to reach for a fun box of tissues versus the old standby when sunshine meets the sniffles? Another bonus is that retailers tend to respond well to a new SKU that adds excitement and gives their displays a seasonal vibe.

And so for these reasons and more, we raise a glass to seasonal flavors and the brands who bring them to the table.

Looking for strategy or design for seasonal products? We’d love to chat.

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