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Prioritizing better mental health has been a highly discussed topic over the past two years and we’re here for it. Companies are creating more flexible policies to promote a better work-life-balance, and now more than ever, individuals have access to countless tele-health and other virtual services to support them. Working in a fully remote, fast paced environment sure has its perks, but actually practicing new healthy habits can easily fall to the bottom of the list.

In celebration of Mental Health Month (and every month, really) here’s the Harbor Creative-tested and approved recipe for better mental health.



#5 ?️ Get Outdoors

We believe nature is one of the best ways to positively strengthen your mental health. We strive to do one outdoor adventure with our friends, family, or even solo at least once a week. And during the week we try to walk outside daily for at least 15 minutes.

#4 ??Fuel Your Body

Eating nourishing food and staying hydrated isn't just good for your physical health, it has a tremendous impact on your brain, and mental health as well. Did you know the brain uses more than 20% of our caloric needs? (source) We make it a goal to drink 100oz of water per day and load up on the season's freshest produce. We're also lucky enough to work with multiple apple clients!

#3 ?‍♀️? Schedule 'Me' Time

With busy lives, one of the hardest, yet most critical actions to take for your mental health is to check in with yourself and do things that center you. Whether it's exercising, meditating, or reading a book, we schedule alone time in our calendars each week to reset and recharge.

#2 ?? Animal Play Time

Similar to spending time in nature, there's a medicinal effect that happens when engaging with animals. Our team is shamelessly obsessed with our pets and always feel happier when they're nearby. Admittedly, there are multiple kitty or puppy snuggle breaks throughout our days.

#1 ?‍♀️Say No

Practicing saying no to plans or projects that will sacrifice your mental health is one of the most important strategies in protecting your boundaries. Consider this: every time you say yes to something, what are you, in turn, saying no to?

Here’s to supporting ourselves and each other by prioritizing the importance of mental health.

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